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NOURIS is home to the largest flooring showroom in Cyprus. Located in the city of Limassol, we have featured the latest designs from top manufacturers since 1963, and we’ve only grown since then. Our experts always strives to make your experience enjoyable by maintaining a pressure-free environment where we simply answer your questions rather than try to make sales. Stop by today to revitalize your floors.


Ceramic Tiles

Are you ready to treat yourself to a home renovation, or perhaps want to give your business a more professional look?

Ceramic tiles can bring all of these styles to a space, depending on how they are crafted. With a history of over 4,000 years, it’s no wonder why ceramic tiles have stood the true test of time. Their timeless elegance continues to hold up. Coming in many different finishes such as glazed, polished, textured, and more, ceramic tile can easily suit your space design.

Ceramic tile creates unlimited possibilities, because of its versatile colors, designs, and shapes. Plus, using ceramic tile actually benefits the space because it is mostly a natural product. It also does not burn or produce fumes when it comes into contact with fire.

Besides its unique appearance, ceramic tile also does not require much maintenance. It is extremely easy to clean and lasts many years. It’s not only rather non-porous, but also won’t trap in allergens, odors, or other unpleasant factors. In fact, flooring made of ceramic tile tends to last much longer than most other flooring materials.


Building Products

The materials used to install the tiles are just as important as the tiles themselves. We offer sealer for natural stone and cement applications, as well as grout and thinset mortar for everything else.

All three of these materials are essential to the perfect application of your new tile. Sealing natural stone and cement will prevent it from staining and corroding over time, while using the proper grout or mortar is what will keep your tile secured for years in the future.