Appiani Colore Metrica

Metrica defines space with simple shapes and broken fragments capturing the essence of ever-changing geometry.It is apparently the periodic recurrence and regular, harmonious flow of geometric elements that dictates the rhythm of Metrica. But in actual fact, modulation is subtle, intermittent, and unforeseeable: the linearity of the geometry is interrupted and motion is added with beats and cadences of light and colour. The alternation of accents is guided by a scheme which generates and defines new compositions. The 4 decorations of Metrica, available in 4 colour variants, take their simple, explicit names – Cerchi, Incroci, Trattini, Parallele – from the geometries naturally created by juxtaposing multiple modules. If the Cerchi modules are set side by side, we obtain a circumference; grids and intersections are generated by the Incroci module; while the Trattini and Parallele modules form the motion of straight and parallel lines and angles.


Appiani Colore Texture

Texture combines architecture with design and art. A story told in mosaics, little enamelled ceramic tiles in pure colours. Mosaics that take in light and reflect it to multiply their image and create multi-coloured surfaces and fields


Appiani Colore Diva

The accentuated rounded edges of the single-press firing tesserae and the high gloss finishing of their glazed surface make “Diva” a mosaics collection unique for its colour intensity.


Appiani Colore Denim

Iconic, robust, flexible, timeless. Denim takes jeans out of context, in a surprising new form of expression. Subliming and updating the unique properties that have always made jeans a universal icon of style. The material is impressed with an innovative new finish suitable for floors and walls. The essence of the yarn used to make jeans is represented in three patterns – Streaked/Striato, Wavy/Ondulato, Ruled/Sfilato – each developed in two different variants, with different patterns and colours. What changes is the inclinations, the relationship between warp and weft, the regularity of the stripes and weaves.


Appiani Colore Anthologia

The colours of the Anthologhia line in single-press firing have the particular characteristic of being in different shades creating fields with a pleasant “wavy” effect. Anthologhia is a product with a semi-glossy glazed surface. The line is completed by special trim pieces and skid-proof surface finishes.

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